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Old Shanghai Moon soon to be Acme Taco


Acme Taco will soon breathe life back into the old Shanghai Moon at 5621 Johnston Street in front of Best Buy. Acme Taco announced the re-location on their facebook with a tentative opening date for the first week of September. This is really good news, since that location has been void of food love for almost ever, actually about five years. This will be Acme Taco‘s 3rd move, but a move that could actually pay dividends for them. The corner of Ambassador & Johnston is one of the most highly trafficked intersections in Lafayette, so the potential is definitely there for good businesses. I don’t know what happened to Shanghai Moon, but at this point, we need to see life here, again.

Good Luck Acme Taco, I may actually get to try you guys now!


Acme Taco logo and taco photo courtesy of their facebook.


Past Inside photos of Shanghai Moon are courtesy of their facebook.   


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