Downtown Lafayette

NextGen Utility Systems Sets Up Temp Location Inside Of Downtown’s Omni Center


The utility management company, NextGen, set up a temporary—community engagement center—location inside of Downtown’s Omni Center today at 227 Jefferson Street. The company is currently part of a larger utility management discussion with a proposal set before Lafayette City Council to manage the city-owned power company, Lafayette Utility Systems(LUS).

Update: As for The Omni Center, events held here will continue as planned.

Since this is such a high profile topic, we would not be able to properly explain this matter in this post. We are going to link you guys to news outlets that we feel have covered this topic in greater detail. —

What we do feel lead to do is to show you the documents being distributed from the temporary downtown location of NextGen. These documents illustrate bullet points of what NextGen is offering to Lafayette. If this happens to move forward, then NextGen will seek to build out a more permanent headquarters in Lafayette. See the rendering of NextGen’s potential HQ below.

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