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New York Bagel in Lafayette is Now Open


The new, New York Bagel Company, located at 4510 Ambassador, Suite E in Lafayette is now open, but softly.

We visited Lafayette’s New York Bagel Company last night, the night before opening, and had a chance to try a fresh bagel. Guys, these bagels are no joke! They are big, soft, and chewy — just how a good bagel should be.

Some of their offerings include bagel pizzas, breakfast bagels, bagel sandwiches, philly bagel steaks, gourmet cream cheeses, and salads. They are also offering Rêve Coffee, which is a must have. We tried the cajun bagel with garlic & herb cream cheese. It was so amazingly bagelly that I had to bring some to my better half, and she loved it as well.

We posted about them coming to Lafayette back in September of last year. See that post (here).

Check out the photos of their place, and my bagel, below. Also, find them on facebook at facebook.com/New-York-Bagel-Co

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