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New Tortilleria Coming Soon Off Johnston Street


A new tortilleria is coming very soon next door to the former Avec Bacon Café space at 4807 Johnston Street, in the Baskin Robbins shopping center.

A tortilleria will crank out fresh, handmade tortillas by the kilo, according to an assumed owner named Dunia Lopez. We tried to reach out to Dunia to get more information about the business and what all the business would sell beyond fresh tortillas, but we did not get any response. But that’s okay! We did find an obscure Facebook post that confirmed at the very minimum that this would be a by the kilo(pound) tortilla slingin’ establishment.

Screenshot of ’obscure Facebook post’.

When we stopped to take photos of the signage and a storefront shot, we could tell that a fair amount of work was going on inside, but since COVID numbers started to spike, we felt it best to keep our distance and rely on digital communication. We’re doing our best here guys!

Be on the lookout for a possible update on this business, pending communication with the owners.

No tentative openings can be spoken of and there are no social media accounts that can be found for the tortilleria.

Photo posted to Facebook by Dunia.

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