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New Memorial Pavilion To Be Constructed In Downtown Lafayette’s Victory Garden


Town Folk’s Victory Garden, located at 217 Olivier Street in Downtown Lafayette, will soon have a new pavilion memorializing one of their founders.

The Victory Garden was established in 2015 as a community garden, which provides fresh fruit and vegetables to neighborhood residents free of charge.

This founder was instrumental in generating positive change for the neighborhood of La Place des Creoles, near Downtown Lafayette.  The passion for positive community impact deserves to be memorialized.  

The new pavilion is designed by Hector LaSala, architecture professor at ULL, and will be completed & constructed by Architecture and Construction firm, db Architecture of Acadiana.

DB agreed to join the efforts of Town Folks in bringing the Victory Garden pavilion to life. They are donating 100% of our design services, construction services, and they are also helping them with their outreach for funding.

Construction on the new pavilion will begin soon and should be completed shortly after.

Donors that have committed to the project to date are:

db Architecture of Acadiana who are providing a complete Architectural drawing set for the project(see below), construction & assembly, and all heavy Douglas Fir wood for the floor deck. 

Doug Ashy has committed to donating nut, washers, bolts, and other misc.

db also procured a donor for (2) 5’x10’ sheets of ¼” aluminum. 

  • This person will also water jet cut the plate he is providing to the shapes in our drawings. 
  • This person will also water jet cut the plate which we procure from other sources. 
    • They currently need (4) more sheets of 5’x10’ sheets of ¼” aluminum to have enough material for our vertical members.  

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