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New Medical Marijuana Clinic, Dispensary Opening In Lafayette


Over the past year, news has been rolling around that a medical marijuana clinic, and a dispensary would be opening in Lafayette, LA.

THC Storefront at 610 Guilbeau Road.

Well, if you are in the dark, it’s time to get lit ?. Oh yes, we are feeling punny today.

Lafayette’s first medical marijuana clinic, called Total Health Clinic(THC), is having their grand opening on October 1st at 610 Guilbeau Road. The owners, Dr. Chad Rossitter & Isabella Rossitter, are the local family who owns the new clinic. Dr. Chad Rossitter, a nephrologist who also owns Nephrology Center of Excellence in Opelousas is Louisiana’s only master certified medical marijuana physician.

THC lobby.

Total Health Clinic(THC), is open to the public and walk-ins are welcome. However, we highly recommend that you review the list below of 14 known conditions that, if diagnosed, could qualify you for a medical marijuana prescription.

— ‘The List’

    Wasting Syndrome
    Crohn’s Disease
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Muscular Dystrophy
    Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome
    Intractable Pain
    Severe Muscle Spasms
    Muscle Spasticity

If you are provided a recommendation by Total Health Clinic(THC) to be treated with medical marijuana, then you will take that recommendation to the nearest dispensary.

Where is the closest dispensary, you might ask? We are so glad you asked! A brand new dispensary, called Apothecary Shoppe—another first for Acadiana—is opening right next door to THC at 620 Guilbeau Road.

Apothecary Shoppe storefront at 620 Guilbeau Road.

The Apothecary Shoppe, currently under construction, will be where you would fill your legal medical marijuana prescription recommendation provided by THC.

More Total Health Clinics, and dispensaries will be opening soon in other Louisiana cities like Lake Charles, Bossier, and Monroe. I guess it’s high time, Louisiana. Okay, no more puns!

Check out this video featuring Isabella Rossitter.

Visit THC’s facebook at Or check them out at their website at

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