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New Electric Powered Taxi in Lafayette


There is a new taxi company in Lafayette that is providing rides anywhere in the City of Lafayette for a flat rate of $10. The company is called, Power Electric Taxi, and is the only 100% Electric Taxi service in town. 

Each of these fancy non-gas sucking cars can run for 5 hours on a 45 minute charge at its home Station. Each ride is $10, with each additional passenger coming in at $1 per rider. The price naturally goes up the further you go outside of Lafayette. If you need to make any stops along the way, it’s an extra $1 per non-destination stop. 

The originating company behind Power Electric Taxi started in New Iberia as, Black Market, because they are the cheapest taxi service in the berry. 

Want to take an electrifying ride? Download the Power Electric Taxi in the app store. appsto.re/us/H8kDjb.i

Visit their website for more details. poweretc.org

A Power Electric Taxi charging up.

The charging station.
The app imagery.

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