New Church’s Chicken To Be Built On West Congress


Fresh dirt is being moved at 4154 W. Congress, next to the Jambalaya Shoppe.

Church’s Chicken is the company that is building at this location.

Just about anyone I know loves chicken. Fried chicken, grilled chicken, stir-fry chicken, chicken kabobs, chicken burritos, chicken sandwiches, shredded chicken, smoked chicken, drunk chicken — the list just keeps on going — like Bubba Gump with shrimp.

I like me some chicken from Popeye’s, and I like some chicken from Church’s, but I love me those biscuits, baby. Church’s has their biscuits coated in a yummy honey butter, Mmmm, it’ll make you wanna slap your momma! I bet you just read that in your best southern accent, huh?

So, now you know, it’s going to be a Church’s on West Congress by the Jambalaya Shoppe. ?

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