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Maxwell’s Market & Nothing Bundt Cakes


So, I’ve posted several times about Maxwell’s Market and here’s why. The area Maxwell’s is going has multiple businesses that will occupy the complex, some of the businesses are professionals and others are retail. Below is a photo captured of Maxwell’s Market captured by Les. I haven’t made a recent trip to this area to see if any of the other businesses are open yet, but I can tell you that Nothing Bundt Cakes will soon be one of them. Can you guess what Nothing Bundt Cakes sells? Lol, ok that’s not a serious question, but seriously, they sell NOTHING, but Bundt Cakes. There are many more things like this and more coming to Lafayette. I only wish that I were able to give you more. I’ve actually been holding secrets in some cases for up to a year so far. All I can say though is, soon very soon. Oh, I can’t forget, the address is the 1700 block of Kaliste Saloom. The development is called Settlers at Steiner https://developinglafayette.com/settlers-steiner-progress/

By the way, Maxwell’s Market is going to be nice and it is locally owned out of Baton Rouge. Check them out. https://maxwells-market.com

I haven’t forgotten the cake places site either. Here you go… https://www.nothingbundtcakes.com



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