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Magnolia in Best Buy


Magnolia has officially opened in Best Buy. I visited the department last weekend and grabbed a few photos of some of the products. Magnolia is part of Best Buy and they offer some of the most high-end home theater equipment out there. If you’re wondering how high-end, consider this, you have to build a budget for building your setup. Some of the complete audio systems can run you about eighty grand, but have impeccable sound quality. It better for $80k!!! I mean really, if you haven’t bought your dream car yet, you may want to weigh your options; audio or car? I can’t afford even the lower-end of the high-end stuff here, but I was almost ready to open my wallet when I heard some of these systems. Some of the brands on display here are: Martin Logan, Bowers & Wilkins and Definitive Technology. If you get the chance to visit Magnolia, ask them to demo the Martin Logan speakers. They are some of the coolest speakers I have ever seen and heard. Magnolia also has some of the bigger HDTV’s and 4K Ultra HDTV’s for those folks who can’t seem to see their TV already.

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The employee that demoed the equipment for me is named Taylor Steilow.









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