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Magnolia in Best Buy


Magnolia has officially opened in Best Buy. I visited the department last weekend and grabbed a few photos of some of the products. Magnolia is part of Best Buy and they offer some of the most high-end home theater equipment out there. If you’re wondering how high-end, consider this, you have to build a budget for building your setup. Some of the complete audio systems can run you about eighty grand, but have impeccable sound quality. It better for $80k!!! I mean really, if you haven’t bought your dream car yet, you may want to weigh your options; audio or car? I can’t afford even the lower-end of the high-end stuff here, but I was almost ready to open my wallet when I heard some of these systems. Some of the brands on display here are: Martin Logan, Bowers & Wilkins and Definitive Technology. If you get the chance to visit Magnolia, ask them to demo the Martin Logan speakers. They are some of the coolest speakers I have ever seen and heard. Magnolia also has some of the bigger HDTV’s and 4K Ultra HDTV’s for those folks who can’t seem to see their TV already.

The employee that demoed the equipment for me is named Taylor Steilow.









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