Louisiana Ave Extension and Future.


I live close to the Louisiana Ave extension on the North side of town. This particular area has had my interest for a couple years now and you may wonder why. Looking beyond what is already there, I actually like to look at what is not there. I do this everywhere I go. I look at empty fields and nearly get a vision of what is to come. Now, I am no psychic, but before I started this page I did see something about to happen where the Whole Foods is now going. This is no different with the area around I-10 and LA Avenue. I see big things about to happen around that area and really big. I mean, look at what they are doing to LA Avenue. They are extending it so that it connects with a deeper population. It is to increase traffic, plain and simple. So, why do all that work for what is already doing well with the traffic there is? The reason is simple, BIG is coming. However, I could just be a nut job running a development site. What do I really know?





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