Local Technical School, Infinity College, Set to Build New Facility On Louisiana Avenue


Infinity College, a local technical school designed for building better futures for the community, is soon to construct a new facility at 2600 Louisiana Avenue. Currently located at 117 W. Pinhook Rd, Infinity offers programs geared towards advancing their students into the fast-growing medical field. They specialize in prepping those who want to take their lives beyond where they thought they could go.

The school first opened its doors in 2010 and after 10 years of student growth, it’s time for their campus to grow as well. With plans to begin construction in December, this new 12,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art facility that’s estimated over $1.8 million has been a project in the making for over 3 years now. Over the past few weeks, the official permits have been approved and issued and here they come …to Infinity and Beyond.

We here at Developing Lafayette take pride in making sure our facts are straight so we don’t misinform you, our followers, so here is what we DO know about the project. The 2600 Louisiana Ave location that’s issued on the permits is an 8 acre lot that’s a mostly vacant field across from the backside of Northside High School. Well, almost vacant, a portion of the lot has already been developed and is occupied by the Louisiana Avenue United Methodist Church. Infinity purchased those 8 Acres of land years ago with the intention for Infinity to build there. The reason there’s been a delay in the project over the past few years is due to the way the property was zoned. Until recently that lot was zoned as an MN-1 (Mixed-use neighborhood) so while; Yes, a public or private school can build anywhere, a College or Technical School cannot. All colleges and technical schools are required to build in “higher-intensity commercial districts”. So, if you want to know how it’s going to happen, let’s talk about the wellbeing of the community as far as what goes where.

The businesses in certain areas should enrich the surrounding communities, which makes the move for Infinity College perfect for this area. The neighborhood is filled with developments that help individuals grow both heart, soul, and mind. Among these developments are Northside High School, Louisiana Ave United Methodist Church, JW Faulk School, and Refuge Temple Ministry. Infinity College’s purpose is to prepare its students with the knowledge and ability to help others. So, over the past few years, Infinity College along with the Lafayette zoning commission has made their dream a reality and gained permission to rezone 8 acres of this lot into a PI zone (Public Institute) which will allow Infinity College to build there.

Infinity College specializes in the personal and career advancement for those who wish to take their future up a notch, are in, or have plans to go into the medical field. They are accredited with various professional certifications and programs such as Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Medical Insurance Billing & Coding Specialist, Practical Nursing, Phlebotomy, and an in-depth Pharmacy Technician program. The duration of their programs varies from a few weeks to 58 weeks. As an Infinity student, you’ll decide where you can go as you plan for a prosperous future to Infinity and Beyond.

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