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Land Clearing on Robley Drive


There is land being cleared on Robley Drive next to the Southside Library on Johnston Street. Many people have been emailing and messaging in asking, “what is happening there?”. Well, I think I have an answer, at least a partial answer. There was a sign at the property before the clearing that gave a hearing date and this sign has some brief information on what could be happening. Check out the sign below…IMG_7635.JPG Reading the sign, I see that Bob Giles of Giles Automotive is shown on the sign and that a subdivision is proposed for this site. Could it be a subdivision, or is it something related to vehicles? I honestly have no clue. I mean, I read the sign and think houses, but then I see Bob Giles and think cars. Perhaps I am over thinking this and have been for over a month. If anyone has any information to add please shoot it over to me. Otherwise, I say that this is going to be a subdivision, because another dealership would be asanine. Hah, I used asanine, that’s my #bigword for this post. Anyway, I hope this has cleared up some of the confusion and if it has only caused more, then I apologies. I am learning as I go here. IMG_7261.JPG





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