Keeping up with Louisiana Ave Ext.


Update: The extension is now open from Maryview farm Rd on to Butcherswitch. Construction continues from Butcher Switch on.

For sometime now Louisiana Extension has been under construction from Maryview Farm Rd going North. Yesterday I decided to pull over and just check the scene out. Although it isn’t open yet you can see that it isn’t far from it. This new extension should bring in more traffic which in turn will bring more businesses to the Louisiana Ave ext / I-10 Corridor. You probably have already noticed that this area has been sprouting rather quickly and more is to come! For example on the interstate going west there is a blank interstate sign that looks like it will be used for lodging and gas business but… there isn’t any lodging or gas business there. So that leads me to believe we aren’t far away from seeing a hotel and maybe even some type of fueling station. Nothing on the radar of course but I will be keeping my eyes peeled like always.

Who knows maybe something big is on the way… There is a lot of land there.



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