Local Expansion

Jōlie’s Bistro Soon to be La Rumba


Featured photo courtesy, unsure.

I am sure many of you guys have heard that Jōlie’s on Pinhook closed after Valentine’s Day this year. It was a pretty hard hit to the culinary community and I refuse to share closures of any kind. However, the doors for the old Jōlie’s Bistro will re-opened soon as La Rumba, a growing local to Louisiana Mexican restaurant. 

La Rumba has a few locations around Southern Louisiana, including one in Broussard that will remain in business. The new La Rumba location at 507 W Pinhook will open its doors with a tentative date of May 15th. 

Photos are courtesy of La Rumba – 

 A shot of the inside of Jōlie’s – theadvertiser.com

     One page of the menu


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