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JerkXpress, A New Jamaican Takeout Restaurant Recently Opened


A new local restaurant, called JerkXpress, is cooking up authentic Jamaican cuisine that will knock your pants off. Not your socks but your pants.

They are located at 1000 W. Simcoe Road & Delord Street, but they are also delivering via Waitr for those too far out to come to pick up your order.

The menu is legit. There is jerk chicken any way you want it, dark, white, mixed, whole, half, 1/4, wings…you name it. They also serve oxtails, curry goat, curry chicken, jerk tilapia, and jerk catfish. Their sides will have you looking for that strong, black elderly woman figure with roots so richly steeped in culture that anything she makes is great; they’re that good. The owners, Dwight Stewart & Stephanie Pearson, even allowed me to sample some jerk chicken with rice & peas and a side of candied yams. Oh my goodness, it hit my soul hard with the perfect spice and rich flavors.

So now that you’re drooling over your phone or keyboard, I’ll now show you some photos. enjoy!

Be sure to like & follow JerkXpress on facebook at https://facebook.com/JerkXpress.

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