Fast Food Restaurant

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye


Recently, the Filipino Restaurant Mabuhay closed their doors. They had great food and I mean great. The owners are filled with love and passion and their food reflected that. You would be wrong in the assumption that they closed due to failure. In fact, given the location they were in my opinion very successful. However, they mutually decided it was best to close the doors to Mabuhay to give the family some much needed rest and to regroup. Something tells me this isn’t the last of Mabuhay. On the flip side, when one door closes there is almost always another door that opens. This case isn’t any different with a new tenant moving in called Seafood Haven. Seafood Haven will offer togo style food consisting of gumbo, jambalaya & grilled or fried items too. The address for Seafood Haven is 3366 Verot School Rd Suite 101 Lafayette, Louisiana.

I wish Seafood Haven great luck and long live Mabuhay!


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