Local Business

Inside the Art District


The Art District has been open for only a couple of months now, and I had a chance to take a tour of the new creative business. The Art District is located at 4305 Johnston and is comprised of two businesses, The Movement Dance Academy & The Music Box. I had a chance to meet with the lady in charge of The Music Box, Los Angeles native, Katie Crist. Katie has a decade of experience in the music business and is excited to share that experience with the young vibrate youth of Lafayette. The Music Box specializes in privately training their students in voice, piano, guitar and drums. With a private training membership, students at The Music Box receive access to weekly collaboration workshops that hone in on social elements of music including Songwriting, Jam Sessions, Ace the Audition, and Duets. Private vocal development is designed to improve technique, breath control, pitch quality, tone and agility of the voice. Private piano and guitar training implements music theory and applied musical accompaniment. Their modern approach to music education allows students to perform music they love! Check out some of the photos below of the inside of both of these fine studios!


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