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I am excited about Panera Bread


Like the title says, I am excited about Panera Bread! Saturday, I went by the location where the site for Panera is being prepped. I will admit, It is still odd not seeing Cici’s Pizza where it has been for as long as I can remember, which is really not long. I mean, I have a good memory, but I have only lived here since 2010 and visited a few times before then. I really never went to Cici’s except for when I was a kid and that was the Cici’s Pizza in Alexandria. However, I know Panera Bread is going to be rocking this corner once they are open. Just like Mellow Mushroom is rocking their corner and I mean ROCKIN’ it. I can’t wait to see some construction happening and you all know me, I’ll be bringing you more Panera Bread progress photos along the way. Would you expect anything less?








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