Commercial HVAC Company, Star Service Inc, Building New Lafayette Office On N. University


Founded in 1952, Baton Rouge-based Commercial HVAC solutions company, Star Service Inc., has grown steadily for over 60 years.

Currently, Star Service Inc. has a location in Lafayette, LA, located at 310 Pinehurst St, Suite 1. However, as the company grows, they are also making changes locally; beginning with building their own, stand-alone office for which they will relocate. The new office will be located at 2600 N. University, just shy of the Pont des Mouton intersection.

The Star Service Inc. website states that while HVAC and air conditioning repair represent their core business, they also develop energy efficiency plans to keep students’ or employees’ work environment comfortable and safe. They have offices throughout South Louisiana, as well as parts of Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi.

The business model for Star Service Inc. is one built around continued care, preventive maintenance, and loyalty. They would rather keep your existing units working right, rather than having the customer wait for a breakdown. This is achieved through their on-going monthly plans that provide a sort of ‘life insurance’ for your HVAC unit.

The construction site is only a slab at the moment. We all know how you guys love slab posts! Haha. But that shouldn’t be the case for long as framing should start soon.

a tentative completion date is set for Fall of 2019, possibly November.

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