Hotel Acadiana Becoming Wyndham Garden


The Hotel Acadiana, a landmark for Lafayette, is soon to become Wyndham Garden Lafayette. The official conversion date for the hotel is set for June 16th, 2015. Upon many changes, the hotel has a new & super committed executive team that is excited to usher in the new changes that will improve the hotel overall. Wyndham Worldwide is the largest hotel company in the world with 7,500+ properties. Some of their properties include major resorts and even condominiums in some of the worlds greatest locations. The hotel will continue to be managed by Hospitality Management Corporation. 

Some of the renovations to the hotel happening now that aren’t obvious from the outside are new AC units for the meeting rooms, public areas and the restaurant. In the photos below, you can see that the hotel has already started painting the outside with a green hue of paint. The Suites have been renovated with new furniture, conference table, full size stainless steel refrigerator, microwave, and new flat screen 60 inch HDTVs. Yeah, 60 inch TVs! Once the conversion date hits, the hotel will go through some major renovations like new lobby furniture, new carpet in the Banquet space and new pool furniture. The sleeping rooms will get new linens, one serve cup coffee makers with WolfGang Puck coffee, and an accent wall.

Side note: The hotel restaurant, Bayou Bistro, has a killer grilled chicken and a rich chocolate cheese cake! 🙂 By the way, the restaurant is open to the public, so go try it. 

Big thanks to Jeremy Broussard & Lisa Bowles for meeting with me and allowing me to break the news! 🙂


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