Local Expansion

Hampton Automotive Addition & Renovations


Hampton Automotive is probably one of the more known dealerships around Acadiana, partly due to the years of heavy advertising & car window slapping. 

Over the past 4 years, a few new dealerships have popped up around Hampton’s territory, which means that Hampton better step it up! Especially since the arrival of Audi, Infiniti, KIA & soon a new Mercedes Benz dealership.

Well, Hampton is already moving forward with some new stuff of their own. The first order of business is a new parking lot in the back that will accommodate an entirely new building next to the existing building. This new building(building 2) will be a new service department, and the current building(building 1) will be partly demolished and renovated with an expanding showroom. Building 1 will also keep its current service department as well, according to plans. 

Below are a few snips of what the plans look like. 

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