Freddy’s Steakburgers Opens Tomorrow


Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers on Kaliste Saloom, near Costco, opens tomorrow, May 1st at 10 am! The Bertrand location will open in about another month, or so.

When it comes to burgers, Lafayette has one for every palate and then some. However, when it comes to quick-serve burgers, Freddy’s Steakburgers stands out. Here’s why; their burgers are not hamburgers, they’re steakburgers. Steakburgers are made up of leaner meat versus the ground meat that is typically made up of chuck, sirloin, or a mix of the two, which is usually fattier. We all know that fat yields flavor, but Freddy’s has done a pretty good job at making their burgers tasty. Perhaps you are not a big burger person, there are chicken burgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs, too. Don’t even get me started on their custard, good stuff, worth going for that alone!

Pictured below is the single party Cali style and the classic single, with fries all day.

Bonus points in my book, Luzianne Tea.

For more info on Freddy’s, see their facebook.

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