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Former Southern Splash Car Wash, In Scott, Getting Renovations


The former Southern Splash Car Wash, located at 316 Westgate Road in Scott, is getting some much-needed renovations & upgrades.

The car wash went up for sale this year and seems to have sold to new owners. We have not made contact with the owners, nor do they seem to have a Facebook page, but we did stop for photos.

In the photos, you can see that new vacuum canopies have been installed, the drive-thru has had some concrete work done, and the facade of the car wash is being updated to have a more cool factor. The prior appearance (seen below) was pretty basic and tired—sound like someone you know?

The renovations are ongoing but are moving quickly. There isn’t a tentative opening date, though, it could be within a couple of weeks.

Image of prior appearance pulled from that there interwebs.

Below are photos of how the renovations look as of this post.

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