Local Expansion

Facets of Lafayette on Ambassador Coming Soon


Featured image courtesy of The Plumbing Warehouse facebook.

A new, multifaceted, business is coming soon at 3200 Ambassador. It is called, Facets of Lafayette, and will be located in front of the new VA Clinic. 

Facets is a sister company of The Plumbing Warehouse/LCR, which is located right next door. At first glance, you may have thought you read “Faucets”, due to the plumbing relation, but they are two separate companies—though connected. 

Facets will have a large showroom with a nice selection of plumbing, appliances, lighting, tile, and outdoor appliances. The new business was created for the renovation project customers to be a main stop for their needs. The Plumbing Warehouse will still sell plumbing, but will serve the plumbing trade buyer.

*Fun fact: The Plumbing Warehouse/LCR, through many names, has in some way shape or form been around since 1858. 

We ask ourselves, did they even have plumbing back then? Haha. 

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