Drago’s Seafood is Taking Mellow Mushroom Building


Finally! Drago’s Seafood will be coming to Lafayette!

The arrival into Lafayette will be a little bittersweet, because they will be moving into what will soon be the building formerly known as Mellow Mushroom. Mellow’s last day is Sunday, June 4th. 

The building at 3151 Johnston, cursed or not, will be Drago’s Seafood of Lafayette and they do not seem worried one bit about superstition. It’s crazy to us, though, just how fast this deal actually happened, or seemed to have happened. Also, we are told that current Mellow employee’s will have first rights to positions for Drago’s Seafood. 

The tentative opening date for Drago’s will be aimed for mid- August. That’s literally a blink away from happening. 

This is good news for what was a bummer of a week for restaurants in Lafayette.

Photos above and below are courtesy of Drago’s Facebook.

Drago’s Seafood dinning room.

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