Downtown Lafayette

Downtown’s Vermilion Street Parking Garage Enters The 21st Century With Self Service


Downtown parking has been liberated—sort of.

Last week, on October 14th, the Parc Auto Du Centre-ville parking garage, located at 121 E. Vermilion Street, entered into the 21st century by becoming self-serving.

The Heavens and the earth rejoice!

You are now required to prepay to park using their conveniently located self-pay parking kiosk near the ground floor elevators and on Polk Street.

Many times I have avoided parking in that garage due to not having cash. While some may have been just fine and dandy paying in cash; others, like myself, who rarely carry cash have had to make the walk of shame to the Chase Bank ATM to get a $20 and pay a $3 processing fee—just to park. And for months—maybe longer—the self-pay kiosk have been in place but covered with black bags.

The specifics on how to use the self-pay kiosks are outlined below:

Parking rates are $1.00 per hour with a Max of $5.00 per day.

Pay stations are located on the ground level near the elevator and on the sidewalk on Polk Street.

To use the pay station your license plate# is required.

1. Enter your license plate number.

2. Insert your payment method. Cash or Credit/Debit Cards accepted.

  • If you pay with cash no change will be given.
  • There is $0.25 processing fee for all Credit/Debit Card transactions

3. Press the + key to add additional time.

4. Select OK and the receipt will print.

  • You do not need to place the receipt in the vehicle.

Failure to pay for parking will result in your vehicle being cited. Parking Fines begin at $35.00

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