Downtown Lafayette

Downtown Congress Street Future Renovations


Downtown Congress Street has been under many pending changes, some of which have happened already. KATC recently shared what the downtown Congress Street area could look like in the next 5-10 years. 

The images below from Steve Price with Urban Advantage show a much more modern & developed Congress Street with many more shops and things to do. Some are calling this move for modern appeal “gentrification”, which means to renovate and improve to conform to middle class taste. Just another political label if I have ever heard one. I would think improvement regardless of what and where would be a good thing to be had, correct? 

Either way, the one lane on Congress is a bit nutty to me, however, we have folks on bikes and we should allow room for them. Let’s be honest, our roads aren’t the safest for cyclist, even with a little strip of white paint separating them from Snapchat distracted drivers.

Photos below courtesy of Steve Price with Urban Advantage.

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