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Developing A Family Friendly Skate Park In Lafayette


Lafayette is void of dedicated, safe, and family friendly skate parks. There was once an indoor skate park, called The Levee, that was located in Downtown Lafayette but closed within the past year.

Since then, skaters often times use public parks or worse, private property to skate. It’s obviously not responsible to skate on private property in which you do not own.

So a group of avid skaters recently started a Kickstarter campaign to push for a safe, and family friendly skate park appropriately named, The Lafayette Skatepark. If funded, it would be constructed in an allocated section within the North East Sector of Thomas Park at the 300 block of Geraldine Drive. See plans below.

Did you know that a skate shop, called Rukus Board Shop, exist in Downtown Lafayette? It is located at 311 Jefferson, and they sell to many of the area’s skaters.

If you’re tired of skaters potentially ruining your property, then tell them where to go! To the Lafayette Skate Park where it is encouraged. But it has to be funded to come to fruition, so if you’re feeling generous, become a backer for the Kickstarter campaign at

See preliminary plans for the park below. Plans could change, but it’s a start!

By the way, I am not a skater I would break something. Just being a voice. ??

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