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Congress Taco Bell Demolish & Remodel


Update: It is a complete demolish & rebuild. 
The Taco Bell at 2406 W Congress Street is being demolished and will soon have a brand new look. The signage outside of the Taco Bell says a “remodel”, but typically you don’t demolish a large chunk of the structure.

There is a “New Construction” permit out for Taco Bell worth 3/4 of a million bucks. Sounds to me like this is a complete rebuild. However, we will be able to watch as this project progresses. 

This is my favorite TB location and you can often find me here eating & posting. This is kind of like my “coffee shop” for writing, but without the pretentiousness. 

Congress Taco Bell Demo & Remodel

How the outside of the new TB will may appear, but larger. Photo courtesy of Businessinsider.com

Wouldn’t be awesome to have a chipotle-esque design? I think so. Photo courtesy of adage.com

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