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Chains vs Local


Chains vs Locals, what is the big deal here? Well, I hear a lot of folks saying negative things about chain businesses and that kind of bothers me. Why do we talk bad about chains? Personally, I know why we talk bad about chains. It is because we want the “little guy” or a “local” to succeed. There is just one problem with that… Most people aren’t willing to give a local business a chance because they are either blinded by the big box brand advertising or they are just too cheap to support the locals where prices are just a little higher then the neighbor. Then, when you do go to the local you argue the price to match a bigger chain business that has more money flowing. I admit, I am guilty of being cheap… so what. When I want something with a local flair I go to them. Yes, they are pricier but you usually get great service and great product with that price plus you keep them in business!

Chains ultimately drive a large portion of out of town business. Lets face it, the advertising that Olive Garden or Chili’s makes people hungry. As it should, but when an out of townie does come on into city and notices some of our great local business then there is more money flowing through our city and nearby towns. What also bothers me is that a lot of people think that just because it is a chain that it isn’t local. Well, did you know that a lot of “local” people own these independent chains and that goes into feeding their families and they are usually spending their earnings back into our city… so how is that not local? Just because the business didn’t start here? Sure, I can understand that but when a chain that is owned by a local closes and they hear people talking about how they knew or saw it coming to a close because it is a chain is kind of mean. “Local” businesses fail but when they close we act like they shouldn’t have closed. It’s partially on us when a locally owned business closes because we didn’t support them. On the other hand they should have either advertised, managed better, hired better workers or just made their product better.

The next time a business closes or opens keep in mind that someone is putting out hard earned money and are taking a risk. Don’t talk bad about them because you won’t support them for whatever reason you have. Just remember the next time you go to Walmart you’re dodging around locally owned people like Rouse’s Market. Just saying…

Think about it. Even some chains are locally owned. Buy Leauxcal… Buy Lafayette. 😉

Side note: don’t talk about buying local when you are more than willing to hop in your car and bust a quick move to Baton Rouge for P.F. Changs!

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