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Carencro Farmers’ Market Coming Soon


As we all know, Lafayette has the Farmers’ Market scene working out well for us, but what about outside of Lafayette? Well, good news for Carencro, they will soon have their own farmers’ market to be proud of, too. It is all part of the recent approval for a large section of the Carencro community to become a certified cultural district with benefits to become effective July 1, 2015. The Carencro Cultural District Farmers’ Market that is sponsored by the City of Carencro & Carencro Cultural District will launch this Saturday, June 27th. The market will be held on the last Saturday of the month with hours from 3-6pm and will be held in Downtown Carencro, behind City Hall. The market will consist of Local growers and artisans providing fresh produce, arts and crafts. Weekly musicians will provide a festive atmosphere. There will be children’s events, youth activities, demonstrations and nonprofit organization booths at the market every month as well. This is going to be great for Carencro, so go check it out guys!

Big thanks to Stacey Judice with the Community Chronicles for providing me this I go and photo!

See below for full details on the recent announcement. 

Carencro Awarded Approval for the title “Cultural District”

By: Stacey Judice


The city of Carencro received approval for a large section of the community to become a certified cultural district with benefits to become effective July 1, 2015.


The Louisiana Cultural District program is under the State of Louisiana, Office of Lieutenant Governor, Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, Office of Cultural Development. By being certified as a “Cultural District,” Carencro would join over seventy other communities in the state who have access to both federal and state tax incentives through the program.


Carencro Mayor Glenn Brasseaux commented on Carencro being named a Cultural District. He said, “Approval will allow property owners to apply for tax credits to revitalize old buildings that meet certain state guidelines. I would hope that the district would create an interest within the artistic community to locate in our community. The main incentive is that purchases of qualifying art would be exempt from sales taxes within the Cultural District.”


Kathy Higginbotham, historical writer and researcher, has volunteered to chair the Carencro Cultural District Committee. Candy Baque, with the city of Carencro, will serve as the liaison between the city of Carencro and the Cultural District Program Director.


The volunteers on this committee will be working to bring awareness to the many cultural assets that come with an area laying claim to the cultural district title. Their goals are to revitalize the downtown area of Carencro, stimulate the economy, engage residents, draw tourists, organize events for downtown to be a gathering place, encourage creativity, strengthen community partnerships, promote the arts and support artists in the area, increase property values within the cultural district, and develop a positive image of the area.


Cultural districts in Louisiana have contributed to increased business for cultural district areas since program conception in 2007. State Representative Stephen Ortego’s legislative office was once the home of the former police chief of Carencro, Gerry Arceneaux. The historic home is one of many sitting along Church and St. Peter Street in downtown Carencro. Ortego has recently completed the design work in preserving the former Carencro Bank (Angelle Insurance) for the current owner, Charles Chatelain.


“Having the cultural district designation from the state is not only an honor but will put downtown Carencro in a competitive position for the revitalization of its historic buildings. Also, those businesses will have incentives that would bring more people to shop and enjoy the historic heart of our city,” stated Representative Ortego.


The first move for the committee is to host a Farmer’s Market in Downtown Carencro on Saturday June 27th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. behind Carencro City Hall on St. Peter Street. The Carencro Farmers market will draw crowds from the afternoon mass attendees as well as vendors who have already participated in morning markets throughout Acadiana.


“This is a great way to not compete with other markets held on Saturday mornings,” stated Jennifer Melancon, market coordinator. “The vendors will be able to finish depleting their perishable items at the Carencro Farmer’s Market with the guaranteed crowd leaving church on Saturday afternoons at St. Peter Roman Catholic Church and Our Lady of Assumption Church.”


A meet and greet event to celebrate Carencro being certified as a Cultural District will occur soon. “The idea behind this event is to introduce the benefits of a cultural district for Carencro to the businesses and residents in a big way,” commented Kathy Higginbotham, Cultural Chair.


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