Broussard Development #BroussardDL


A lot of folks have been asking what is being built in front of Walmart in Broussard. It will be a Murphy USA pumping station, but I don’t have any photos of it. So, I am going to give this little experiment a try. I have been researching and developing a way to incorporate using hashtags here on the site. What I have is still in the “beta” phases really, but it is still cool.

What I will need from you guys is to take a photo of this development using either Twitter or Instagram. Post the photo with the #BroussardDL and once post start coming in. It should automatically populate like a news feed below.

Again this is still in testing phase, but I want you guys to help test this idea. 🙂 Go ahead and give it a shot!

[tagregator hashtag=”#BroussardDL”]

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