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Bread & Circus Provisions Raising Capital on Kickstarter.


Ok, so in my spare time I like to browse a website/mobile app called Kickstarter. It is a company designed to help other companies both new and already in existence to raise funds for a giving cause or project. While browsing through Kickstarter today, I found Bread and Circus Provisions. I have never heard of them, but somehow felt that it was familiar. The Kickstarter campaign is so they are able to get into a brick and mortar building of their own.

Not sure how in the world I stumble across things like this, but interestingly enough it happens often. So, I went to Bread and Circus’s facebook and from what I gathered they produce tasty things to combine with other foods. Like Bread for example. Also, they make preserves, “tasty piggy parts” & old school confections. Right now, they operate out of a pop up at the Horse Farm. However, through Kickstarter they have been able to reach their target goal with time to spare.

If you would like to through some “support” #money their way please follow the link below.




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