Boston Market Restaurant Now Open At I-10 & N. University Ave.


In June of this year, we shared that a Boston Market restaurant would be coming soon in the TA Travel Center at 1701 N. University Ave.

It has been about 4 months since that post and now we are here to tell you that it is now open.

We stopped in to visit the store to check it out because we’ve heard a good bit about the concept. Many of you guys reading are excited about it.

Boston Market’s specialty is their rotisserie chicken, but they also serve other hearty meals like meatloaf, rotisserie prime rib, rib racks, and roasted turkey. Their sides are as equally hearty with garlic dill potatoes, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, sweet corn, sweet potato casserole, steamed and creamer veggies, and cornbread. Shoot, you could just eat your thanksgiving meal here at Boston Market.

The decor is inviting and the staff is friendly, which is the most important part. Hey guys! 👋🏼

Go check them out if you’re hungry.

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