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Big New Recreational Center For Carencro


The city of Carencro has just purchased the former LA Ice arena and will be renovating the complex very soon. The renovations are to include indoor football and soccer games. The complex will also be expanded from 32,000 square feet up to 45,000 square feet and in addition will also hold a basketball court plus a Volleyball court. This is big news for the city of Carencro, mainly because this center will be one of the largest recreational facilities in the state!

Murray closed with this, “The youth of Carencro will have a place to call their own. The sports that are played in facilities such as the one that will open in Carencro is an opportunity of a life-time for all of the residents who Carencro home.”

For more information, call The Parks and Recreation Commission of Carencro Chairman, Murray Conque, at 337-789-3060.

Thanks to Stacy with the Community Chronicles for the press release.