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Adopt-A-Stop Bus Stop Shelters Going Up, 30+ Adopted


A program spearheaded by City-Parish Councilwoman, Liz Webb Hebert, called Adopt-A-Stop, has just had their first ribbon cutting.Adopt-A-Stop Mcdonald’s. Photo by LCG.

Located in front of McDonald’s on the Evangeline Thruway, is a brand new covered bus stop that is sponsored by McDonald’s. These new bus stops are constructed with metal framing and tempered glass. Each unit costs an average of $6,000 and comes with a cement slab, bench seat, trash bin, along with lighting & USB charging—powered by solar panel technology.

So why is this a big deal? LCG budgets for at least 11 covered bus stops per year. There are still around 600+ uncovered bus stops in the Lafayette Transit System. That’s a lot of uncovered stops. And if you’re privileged enough to own a vehicle, then you may have passed many of Lafayette’s citizens, who ride the bus, waiting out in the scorching sun or getting drenched during one of our many torrential downpours—how fun! Adopt-A-Stop’s public-private partnership initiative is to outpace the government’s budgeted bus stop program; putting the power in the hands of local businesses and organizations to provide a better quality of life for those needing to ride the bus.

Currently, over 30 bus stops have been covered via the Adopt-A-Stop program with the first stop being installed in February of 2019 in front of UNITECH Training Academy.

Here are just some of the bus stop adopters with many adopting multiple locations:

  • Home Bank
  • Islam Church
  • Lafayette Bar Association
  • Lafayette General Health
  • Leadership Lafayette Class 31
  • LPSS
  • McDonald’s
  • Pinhook Foundation and Spark Foundation
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette

If you’re an area business owner or head of an organization that would like to Adopt-A-Stop, contact Liz Hebert at 337-291-8808 or

You may also donate individually online at Community Foundation of Acadiana. All donations are tax deductible.

Pictured above is the McDonald’s Adopt-A-Stop. And below are photos of the UNITECH Adopt-A-Stop location.

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