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A Taste of Lafayette


I first want to thank Lafayette Food Junkie for her kindness in giving my fiancé and I tickets to this years “A Taste of Lafayette”. I would like to start by saying… Wow. What a crazy free for all this was with all of the food vendors and people trying to get their taste of Lafayette. I had the privilege of trying a few places that I haven’t tried like for example SophieP’s. let me tell you I can eat that for dinner hands down. It might not be healthy for me but my mouth said that it was good for me.

Another place was Blue Agave also a place I have not tried merely because I have not heard my close peers talk about it. I wish I would have tried it before because those little chicken filled empanadas were great! I can only imagine what else that cook up well also. All in all the event was good there was Cajun music, food, and company and lots of company maybe a little more than I would have expected which is ultimately why our stay was short. If you ever have a chance to make it to the eat Lafayette event A taste of Lafayette don’t pass it up unless you have to. It is worth the fight to try some local favorites.


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