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Inside Rocket 87, A New Asian-American QSR Opening Soon On Ambassador


Several weeks ago, we posted a brief “What could this be…” about the new Rocket 87, located at 3136 Ambassador in front of Walmart.

See our initial post: https://developinglafayette.com/wp/former-la-hacienda-fronting-walmart-to-become-rocket-87/

Rocket 87 is an Asian-American quick service restaurant (QSR), that specializes in dishes like rice bowls, boiled & fried seafood, and wings. They will also have a variety of other options as well as virgin daiquiris. Some of their signature items will be the Rocket Curry Steak Bowl, Bang Bang Shrimp Bowl, Rocket Seafood Deluxe Platter, and the wings will have several sauces that will be familiar to the eclectic, discernible palate of the Cajun Heartland natives. That last part…

One of the many hand-painted murals

Notable features of Rocket 87, aside from its distinctive red & black facade are the numerous hand-painted murals of different celestial objects, local influences, sayings, food, and people that are a part of the company. Perhaps one of the most noticeable features is the large rocket 🚀 Rocket 87 sign that adorns the entire left flank of the building wall. It’s large enough to be seen from a distance and bright enough to be a beacon of some form of human life on earth from far away celestial beings. All kidding aside, we don’t want to be labeled “satire” for having a little fun with business talk, the restaurant has a lot of potential as there is already a built-in customer base for this style of cuisine in Lafayette.

The Beacon… I mean, sign.

If being local matters to you, the owners and management are local and also run other well-known spots around Lafayette Parish.

Rocket 87 is set to open on Friday, December 15th.

You can follow Rocket 87 on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61553952283675&mibextid=LQQJ4d

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