Former Chateau Hotel On Pinhook Road Is Now Clarion Pointe


The now-former Chateau Hotel, located at 1015 W. Pinhook Road is now Clarion Pointe by Choice Hotels.

This hotel was also a former La Quinta property before La Quinta built its new Pinhook hotel. See more on that here.

Clarion Pointe puts a finer point on affordable travel.

— Clairon Pointe’s website

In April of 2019, the Chateau Hotel was purchased by a New Orleans-based real estate company, Windfeel Properties, for $1.9 million.

Plans for the former Chateau Hotel, besides a rebranding to Clarion Pointe, included new, larger TVs with mobile casting ability. Beyond that, nothing more was mentioned in our sourced article as it is stated that the hotel had already been renovated shortly after becoming Chateau Hotel just a few years ago.

Looking at the satellite images of the hotel, they do have a pool and a hot tub as well!

Photo courtesy of Clarion Pointe Lafayette Facebook

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