Carencro Heights Elementary’s New 98,000 Sq Ft School Replacement, Full Details


A new 98,000-square-foot school facility for Carencro Heights Elementary School is under construction to replace the aging and outdated 46,000-square-foot school facility currently in use. The new school is being constructed on 10 acres of property just north of the existing school property, located at 601 Tee Ma Road in Carencro, Louisiana.

The new Carencro Heights school facility will feature improved classroom layout & sizing, a centralized administration, and updated and “right-sized” school amenities including meeting and assembly space, Media Center, and a multi-purpose Cafeteria & Event space. The new facility will also feature new playground spaces with updated equipment and the re-use of the existing school exterior covered court area. This will provide several options for students with age-appropriate equipment and expansive “running” space.

Additionally, the new facility will feature adequate parking for both faculty and visitors and a separated, centrally controlled bus & car rider drop/pickup area, with an on-site vehicle line space designed to accommodate plenty of future rider options.

While construction for the new school replacement is in full swing, care, and significant coordination have allowed for separate access points and construction facilities to be put in place, ensuring that the existing school can remain in full use for the duration of construction. Cooperation between LPSS, the existing school administration and faculty, and the Design and Construction Team has been a key point for the construction project.

The tentative completion date for the new facility is set for November 2023.

There a number of Lafayette Parish schools that have already been completely renovated or in the planning/construction process to be fully replaced. See links below of Prairie Elementary’s new facility as well as the upcoming replacement for Lafayette High School.

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