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Camellia Tower X aka Pizza Hut Building Updates


Here is a mid-construction update for the new building at 1308 Camellia Blvd. Our last post mentioned that this building is the Pizza Hut building, because that is what permit/residential info tells us. See previous post on the start of construction (here).

We thought that an old post we made way back when could also shed some possible info on this project. You can see the post (here). In the old post, their was a sign that labeled a new Camellia Tower, tower VII or 7. Could this be that tower? Maybe.

We kind of like it better calling it the Pizza Hut building, because you know, Pizza and how awesome it is. The construction on this building is steamrolling along and has not missed a visual beat. One can expect this building to serve many purposes from legal, professionals and many more, not just Pizza Hut. 

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