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Camellia Tower VII Signage


I love when I spot a gem, like for example a sign of future development. Today, while heading to a lunch spot with the work crew, we spotted a new sign. This sign is located on Camellia Boulevard next to Burger Smith. It shows a new tower called Camellia Tower VII, or “7” for you non roman folks. That was a joke by the way. The sign also states that it has restaurant space, which is always good to see. Considering how fast buildings are erected in River Ranch, I doubt it will take anytime to complete once construction has started. Now, as far when construction will start is an unknown factor at the moment for me. Oh, and the location of this future building seems to be next to Burger Smith on that wide open piece of property. Below is a map with a dropped pin of where I believe it is going to go. 20140613-212434-77074348.jpg





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