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WhiteWater Express Car Wash Coming Soon To Scott, Louisiana


A new WhiteWater Express Car Wash is coming soon to Scott, Louisiana at the corner of Apollo Road and& Cameron Street. Groundwork for the new car wash began earlier this week.

Car washes have been popping up all over the country, not just in Acadiana, and the trend is seemingly going to continue as a new car wash from the WhiteWater brand is now under construction.

Aerial View of the Corner of Apollo & Cameron

Groundwork Starts

Founded in Texas in 2016, WhiteWater Express has expanded to over 100 locations spread throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan. Last year, Classic Auto Spa, the well-known locally-founded car wash brand was sold to WhiteWater Express. Many of you may have remembered seeing the branding change throughout a couple of months. The acquisition also includes former Classic Auto Express locations in Broussard & Carencro.

While it may seem comical, all of the car washes, the business is a popular concept for entrepreneurs & investors to buy into as there are fewer moving parts organizationally despite there being millions of moving parts, mechanically speaking.

Whitewater Express Entrance

Love em or hate em, car washes are going to continue to pop up throughout the country, especially here in Acadiana. People, myself included, are happy to run our vehicles through the car wash tunnel. It’s actually kind of relaxing as it gives you a moment to yourself with a little bit of white noise and no hands on the wheel. Kids also tend to love going through the car wash. Though my kid was not a fan when he was much younger, he loves going through our favorite car wash today, which is Xclusive Auto Spa next to Lourdes, Sorry WhiteWater.

The estimated completion date for the new WhiteWater Car Wash in Scott is set for early Summer, just in time for that heat!

You can visit their website at:

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