Tremble, A New High-Intensity Fitness Center Coming Soon To Broussard


Tremble, a new high-intensity, pilates-inspired fitness center is coming soon to the Country View Center at 1137 S. Bernard Road in Suite O, neighboring the recently opened Wing Stop.

Photo sourced from Facebook

Tremble, as summarized from their website, is a revolutionary company that brings together a diverse community of leaders, organizers, warriors, movers, and athletes, all eager to embrace challenges and transform their mindsets. Offering a genderless, ageless, and unifying workout, Tremble says they foster an environment where fear becomes an opportunity for growth and change. Participants will experience a high-intensity, low-impact, heart-pumping full-body workout, combining strength training, cardio, and Pilates-inspired movements on reformers. Led by first-class instructors committed to continued education, these boutique classes offer personalized attention for mental and physical empowerment. Private sessions and Pilates Private Parties are also available, catering to individual needs and preferences.

Photo sourced from Tremble

After looking around on their social sites and website, I get a cycle bar mixed with a peloton session kind of vibe. The workout sessions include color-toned lighting and high-energy music that usually encourages folks to push a little harder than they would push themselves alone at a gym.

You can learn more at their website at, or you can follow their local page at

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