The University’s Solar Array Farm Update


The new university solar array farm at Eraste Landry & Cajundome Blvd. is already over 80-90% complete, according to what is visible.

We recently reported on the start of the project back in October of 2017. See that post (here).

The new solar array is said to be capable of producing 1 Megawatt (1000 KW) of energy. So how many homes could this 1 MW of energy power? Well, it’s not straightforward, due to the varying climate conditions. Although, the range of power produced by this solar farm could be as follows: 1 MW of solar could equate to 164 homes; 400-900 homes; or 1,000 homes.

This is a research facility for the university, so we should expect to hear about more conclusive results later down the road.

Check out the photos of the solar array below, courtesy of Simon Mahan, an advocate for all things alternative energy.

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