Texas Roadhouse Expands ToGo, Outdoor Seating


Last week, Texas Roadhouse of Lafayette had some renovations completed that would help with peak dining hours.

The renovations included transforming a portion of the indoor waiting area as a new togo space with a separate access door from the main entrance. More outdoor seating has been installed to accommodate increasing customer volume.

When writing about the new togo area, we figured that it was to accommodate delivery service employees. But to our surprise, Texas Roadhouse is staying away from those services citing issues with food temperature during logistics.

“We encourage all of our competitors to do as much delivery as they can so they can deliver lukewarm food to their people,” founder and CEO Kent Taylor snapped to investors this week after being asked why the chain is breaking from the herd. “We will stick to our guns on this.” —

***short story — This small town boy’s first filet steak came out of Texas Roadhouse of Alexandria. It was then that I quit using A1 sauce on my steaks. And while I still enjoy Texas Roadhouse’s filets, there are many other steaks in town that are enjoyed. POUR in River Ranch has a great filet, probably one of the best I’ve had in a while.

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