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Surfside Poke, Now Poke Geaux, Opening!


The highly anticipated Poke restaurant, Poke Geaux, grand opens tomorrow, February 11th. The new restaurant is located at 4302 Ambassador, Suite 102, formerly Wok-A-Licious.

The name of the restaurant was Surfside Poke, prior to January of this year, but is now called Poke Geaux.

Poke, pronounced (Poh-Kay), is a traditional Hawaiian dish that is typically healthy. The dish is usually packed with high quality, lean proteins, sauce, fruits and/or veggies, and other unique ingredients. See menu in the images below.

To see our previous post on this Poke restaurant, (click here).

Be sure to follow them on the facebook at facebook.com/pokegeaux

Thanks for the photos, Todd!

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