Superior Grill Mexican Restaurant Construction Has Begun


The highly anticipated Superior Grill Mexican Restaurant has officially begun construction on its new Lafayette, LA location at 2320 Kaliste Saloom Road.

Read more about Superior Grill (here) —

Announced December 2021, we have been getting message, after message, after comment tags asking if Superior Grill is still coming to Lafayette. We are here to tell you that Superior Grill Mexican Restaurant is still coming! But we get it, the sign on the property says that the property is for sale. It’s confusing, we know. However, the sign is there because the land/property is large enough to be subdivided or split into multiple parts or sections for the Google-intolerant.

Superior Grill Mexican Restaurant, if you’re wondering, is well known for its patio/entertainment vibe. We are told their drinks are phenom as well, but we can’t speak on that as we have never tried them. Personally, as a church-going fella, Mexican joints are a must! Especially for Pentecostals, pooyie! We love us some Mexican! I’m facing palming right now because it’s true. But before you come for me, we tip! Well, my family does anyway.

Now that construction has begun, we estimate that the construction should last anywhere from 4-6 months which lands this plane around early Summer time for this year.

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