Local Expansion

Super Roundabout, New Bridge Progress at Kaliste Saloom & E. Broussard Rd


It’s been a little over a year since our last update on the new, Kaliste Saloom & E. Broussard Super Roundabout, currently under construction. In this update, you can see the super roundabout is partially paved. Also, the new Isaac Verot Coulee bridge that will be part of the new portion of Kaliste Saloom appears to be close to complete.

There is probably a good year’s worth of progress still to be made on this project as crews prepare to complete the roundabout.

We can honestly say that we are nervous to see this roundabout in action. According to last known plans, it will be a two-lane, multi-directional roundabout, called the super roundabout. So what makes it super? Well, for many in Lafayette, it will be the first two-lane roundabout they have ever seen or will ever see. Scary stuff, considering that there are still local drivers who wave other drivers through the other, single-lane roundabouts like it is a four-way stop. Mais, go!

Last known design of this roundabout. Sorry that the quality of this image is bad. It’s all we have.

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